Childhood Development

The foundation for a child is laid in its early ages. Children from disadvantaged or socially excluded communities are painting
caught in the cycle of poverty and violence unless they are nurtured in a safe space or environment. Many kids drop out of school at an early age due to multiple reasons including lack of quality and inspiring teaching, pressure to earn at an early age, culture(especially in girl child).

FFEC aims to establish safe, creative spaces for children that can inspire them to enjoy learning and help them in overall personality development.


In its first year of inception, FFEC has accomplished the following:

  • Established a Creative Learning Centre for children in Trilokpuri, East Delhi in collaboration with ABCmarathon
  • Organized a Summer Camp in June 2016 in Chilla Village, an unauthorized neighborhood of Trilokpuri
  • Conducted research and focus groups on education in Kaman, Mewat a backward region. A video documentary was also made highlighting the core issues.

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