Vatwa is located in Ahmedabad East and is a large industrial hub. As a result it has a huge migrant population that istaticmaps
increased by 500% in the last decade. 70% women earn to support families, home based workers and laborer in small/medium industries.

The schools in this area have few facilities and as a result children do not get an opportunity to explore their creativity or learn science through practical experiments.

FEC is partnering with Himmat, an NGO created by women survivors of 2002 Gujarat carnage to create a Creative Space for children of this community.

Highlights about the project:

IMG_0698 (1)

  • A community based Creative space for children including a science and engineering lab, arts and crafts
  • Provide a platform for adolescent youth to explore their technical creativity
  • design hub for linking technology for fulfilling local needs of community
  • Include teaching practices of main stream curriculum of science as there is no such facilities in the local schools even those run by government
  • Benefit 200 kids over 5 different schools
  • Bring school children, school dropouts and outside communities (i.e. artist, designer, engineer, activist and social entrepreneur) on one platform through various projects which would benefit larger community
  • Internship program for university students (engineering, art, media, architecture)


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