Mewat is one of the most backward regions of India. It is spread across two states in Northern India- Haryana and Rajasthan. A large part of the population is uneducated and classed under Other Backward Class (OBC).

FEqCi is working in the Kaman Block of Bharatpur District, Rajasthan of Mewat with an ‘Adopt Kaman’ concept for long term overall socio-economic development through sustainable social entrepreneurship with a focus on women and youth empowerment.

Total Population: 285,133  map

◦44,244 households

◦52% male, 48% female

◦Literacy rate: Overall 43%; Female 28%

(Census data 2011)

List of Villages

Projects planned

  • Informal learning centre for children, particularly school dropouts (Diganter’s Kaman Visit Report_01 to 02 April 2016 in Hindi)
  • Women’s crafts promotion, training in financial management and creating social entrepreneurship (discussion in progress with End Poverty India)
  • Water sustainability – a team from Aakar Trust visited in April 2016 to assess possibilities of rain water harvesting and building check dams. A couple of sites have been identified. Waiting for approval from village community and then to raise funds.
  • Agro Entrepreneurship
    • Access to markets for dairy and fresh produce near Mewat – Delhi, Gurgaon
    • Training farmers on nutrition, soil health
    • Identifying opportunities and feasibility for small scale ago business related to wheat, mustard and cotton which are the main crops grown
  • Women’s health and nutrition orientation
  • Youth skill development
    • Communication and spoken Hindi, English
    • Digital training (basic computer learning, social media, MS products)