Mission and Vision


To facilitate empowerment of poor communities through partnership, technology and innovation.


To be a platform for change and work towards a society where all citizens have equal access to social and economic opportunities leading to an empowered, enlightened and dignified life.

Our ‘Adopt a Community’ model

We work on a collaborative, partnership model to ‘Adopt a Community’ and work holistically on overall development of a community by first doing a need assessment by meeting the community to understand their problems, identify areas where they need help and prioritize them.

This is an iterative process and involves multiple meetings with local community and its leaders, interviews, academic research.  We then look for partnerships with organizations or corporations that specialize in the areas identified and work on a customized program for our community.

In parallel, we build a team of young social changers who become Adopters of this community and create a plan to support and empower their adopted community. In this way we create young global socially responsible leaders creating significant impact and changing the world community by community!

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